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NATIONAL CRIME HISTORY cassette compilation idcs008 / stx.50


From the North to the South of Belgium, a new generation of artists are connecting the dots between classic Belgian Industrial/EBM and the contemporary electronic scenes that have emerged worldwide these last years. A ‘New Belgian Industrialist Movement’ that freely combines elements such as distorted atmospheres, analog pulsations or mantric rhythms, lingering in the grey area between experimental techno and post- industrial music.

National Crime History is a compilation curated by Belgian labels Silken Tofu and Idiosyncratics, both known for crossing borders and disregarding genre limitations.

It features Icon Template, Ripit, Onrust and Orphan Swords. The fact that these entities are now joining forces should come as no surprise. They have a long history together on many levels and now emerge as a collective that has been taking shape over the years.

National Crime History comes as a digital album and a double cassette.

ONRUST's electronic mindfuck is influenced by 80's rhythmic industrial, 90's underground techno and 00's psyched out drones & mantras. Active for now two years she has quicky become one of the most remarkable acts in the new Belgian industrial techno scene. After several releases on some notable Belgian labels, her first 12” vinyl ‘Luthuli/Tagore‘ was released in 2015 on Silken Tofu.

ORPHAN SWORDS focus on massive beatmaking, throbbing industrial soundscapes and wild live action. Their music has been released on Instruments Of Discipline, Desire Records, Clan Destine, Idiosyncratics and +Nurse+.

ICON TEMPLATE provides raw industrial hypnotism and mindblowing techno rhythms. It expresses a rebellion against the established order by instilling chaos and feed the conscious perceptions of its dark sides. After its first release on An Der Grenze in 2015, Icon template has performed in venues and festivals such as Bozar Electronic Art Festival (BEAF) or FUSE.

RIPIT began his music carreer as a black metal guitar player. Yet he has quickly developped into a radical electronics act, unveiling noisy and psychedelic rythms based on primitive synthesizer use. Nowadays his music has complexifyed, tending to beat micro-surgery and orchestral bombast. He extensively uses modular synths, ol’time drum machines and no-input mixers to create dancy acid music, plunging the crowd into a magma of electric textures.