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Prolific Swiss electronic composer Francisco Meirino (Misantropic Agenda, Entr'acte, Antifrost) and Basque country’s most prominent left-field musician Miguel A. Garcia aka Xedh (Crónica, Idealstate) team up and go for the rawest yet most carefully built electronic experimentation. No-input mixer, modular synth, field recordings & magnetic fields find themselves at the core of this true gem of radical electronic music, savvily handcrafted with by two experts of the genre.

artwork by Elise Gagnebin-de Bons

"Nonmenabsorbium offers an immersive and awkward sense of entertainment" Aural Aggravation

"Nonmenabsorbium is a cerebral work of powerful compositions that combine technical prowess with haunting intrigue." The Brvtalist

"Another excellent release." Vital Weekly

"Nonmenabsorbium combine magistralement les sources sonores, bâtissant des titres radicaux semblant surgir de recherches du GRM et de Beatriz Ferreyra. Un opus emprunt de matière grise et de noise caressante comme du papier de verre. Très fortement conseillé." SilenceAndSound


  1. Cancelesseusretry
  2. Abholicater
  3. Speechlessnesslessoness
  4. 2nd nalicii - 197degre5
  5. Horrorrydclowses